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Xcite Audio special offer to install at every car in Malaysia. Value for money, good quality. Now everyone can get the best professional sound system in the car. 

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Package Focal Auditor- R165S2 + R165C with Installation
Focal Auditor-Series R165S2 - 6.5" Component Car Speakers   Features 2-Way C..
Ex Tax: RM899.00
Package Focal- Access 165AS + Auditor R165C with Installation
Focal Access 165AS 6.5"17cm 120 Watts 2 Way Component KIT Car Speaker   Features..
Ex Tax: RM1,299.00
Package Infinity-REF-6520CX + REF-6522IX with Installation
Infinity REF-6520CX 6.5" Reference Series 2-Way 540W Peak (180W RMS) Component Car Speakers S..
Ex Tax: RM899.00
Package Mazda- RE Audio REX5.7 + RE Audio RE5x7FR with Installation
RE Audio REX5.7 250W 2-Way Coaxial Car Speakers   Features Power Handling: ..
Ex Tax: RM599.00
Package Myvi- JBL CS742 + JBL CS762 with Installation
JBL CS742 4” (10cm) 2-Way CS7 Series Coaxial Car Speaker Features & Specifications ..
Ex Tax: RM399.00
Package Myvi- Kenwood KFC-E1055 + KFC-E1665 with Installation
Kenwood KFC-E1055 10cm 210W Dual-Cone Custom-Fit Speaker Features & Specification ..
Ex Tax: RM239.00
Package Myvi- Pioneer TS-G1015R + Pioneer TS-G1615R with Installation
Pioneer TS-G1015R 4”(10cm) G-Series 190W  2-Way Coaxial Car Speaker General Max ..
Ex Tax: RM269.00
Package Myvi- Pioneer TS-G1045R + Pioneer TS-G1645R with Installation
Pioneer TS-G1045R 4Inch 2-Way Coaxial Speakers 210 W Max Features and Specifications ..
Ex Tax: RM299.00
Package- Alpine SPS-610C + Alpine SPS-610 with Installation
ALPINE SPS-610C 6.5" TYPE S 2 WAY 480W Component Car Stereo Speaker   Features: ..
Ex Tax: RM739.00
Package- JBL GT7-6C + JBL GT7-6 with Installation
JBL GT7-6C GT7 Series 6.5" 2-Way 300Watts Component Car Audio Speakers Features and Spec..
Ex Tax: RM679.00