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Not surprisingly, Pete didn't start out in car audio.

Pete started his life as a British Masters Degree graduate, majoring in Computer Science. He did as most did, got a job and worked for an American multinational organization as their IT manager over a career that spanned 14 years. In that time, he spent a fair amount of time in USA on work assignments and it was then in the golden age of the 90's car audio craze that Pete got bitten by the bug.

Got bit bad. He started working on his own vehicle in his garage after lack luster experiences with the local car audio installers of the time. Pete started attending car audio competitions and seminars whilst he was in the USA. A hobby quickly turned into a passion which was so consuming that Pete would leave his career he had built over 14 years.

When life hands you lemons, you have two choices. Give up or make lemonade. We decided to make Lemon Meringue.

As things turned out, Pete wasn't that far off with his personal expectations of quality and workmanship. What started from necessity, turned into a side gig when friends, impressed with Pete's work, engaged him to work on their vehicles in their house garages.

This side gig gained traction and the momentum propelled Pete into a partnership with CV Audio and their first branch opened in Damansara Uptown in 2004.

Fast forward two decades from the day Pete started tinkering with his own car and we now have Pete's CarAudio today.

To this day, we still abide by the same principles that started this journey - to create awesome mobile cathedrals of pleasure.

If you're not grinning from ear to ear, we haven't done our job right.
But yeah... why trust a single word we're saying?
Come and experience it firsthand for yourself and you can be the judge.


Pete's CarAudio
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