Audison APBX 10 AS Prima Series 10" 800Watts Active Subwoofer Box FOC 4 x STP Gold Soundproof

Product Description

APBX 10 AS at the forefront of subwoofer technology, Audison take lows to new heights with this active subwoofer. Capitalising on a class D amplifier's ability to drive extremely low impedance loads, the woofer itself utilises two low impedance voice coils offering an overall nominal impedance of 0.16 Ohms. This means the 400 Watt onboard amplifier can work with extreme efficiency offering mind-blowing bass for such a compact sub/amp combination. With both high and low-level signal inputs, the amplifier offers a built-in Butterworth lo-pass filter (12dB/octave) that can be bypassed when fed via a bit DSP. The APBX 10 AS is equipped with a quick release smart plug for easy removal if extra space is required!



  • Comp: Active Sub Box
  • Subwoofer size mm (in.): 250(10)
  • Subwoofer Voice CoilØ mm (in.): 60(2.36)

Handling Power

  • Continuous Power: 400Watts
  • Peak Power: 800Watts
  • Impedance (ohm): 0.16
  • Sub box size mm (in.): 460 (18.11) x 158 (6.22) x 338(13.31)
  • Magnet: High density flux ferrite
  • Cone: Water-repellent pressed paper

STP Gold Soundproof Specifications

  • Package contains: 4.5 m2
  • Package contains: 4 sheet
  • Sheet size: 750 x 500 mm
  • Thickness: 2.3 mm




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