Focal 165 AS3 6.5" 160 Watts 3-Way Component Kit Car Audio Speakers

Product Description

With a 61/2'' (165mm) woofer and an 80mm midrange, you can configure an installation to suit your desires and constraints. As with the other models in the range, this 3-way kit is a product of the Focal tradition.

Very solidly built, this quality kit brings you high power handling, even after prolonged listening at high volume.


Watts and robustness


With these speakers and their high rated power, you can enjoy quality sound in your vehicle. The Kapton-mounted dual-layer 30mm coil guarantees high power handling and distortion-free sound reproduction.

Power handling, great bass and acoustic performance remain the common denominators of the Access philosophy, which has marked its users from all over the world for more than the last ten years.

DFS cone


DFS® technology features robust and reliable cones. Composed with two 90° woven glass fibres and insulated with polyurethane, it resists to extreme acoustic environments and harsh weather conditions.

The cone has great power handling, and deep bass.



From a visual standpoint, this new product line is resolutely more modern: doped ABS basket structure, integral terminal block, new tweeter design, contoured grilles, etc.


  • Nominal power- 80W
  • Maximum power- 160W
  • Sensitivity (2,83V/1m) - 88dB
  • Cone - Glass fiber
  • Surround - Butyl
  • Nom. Impedance - 4 Ohms
  • DC resistance - 3.2 Ohms
  • VC diameter - 20mm
  • VC height - 7.3mm
  • Former Kapton
  • Layers - 2
  • Wire - Copper
  • Inductance - 0.12mm
  • Xmax - 1.7mm
  • Magnet d x h - 65mm x 12mm
  • Magnet weight - 200g
  • Flux density - 0.8T
  • Gap height - 4mm





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