MBQ AB63 8" 160W Max Compact Amplified Subwoofer Car Underseat Subwoofer



MBQ AB63 features 8" woofer and rated at 160Watts maximum output power loaded in a sealed aluminium enclosure.

  • Sealed aluminium enclosure
  • 160Watts max output power amplifier
  • 20cm dual voice coils
  • 0-180° phase swith
  • Built-in adjustable low pass crossover
  • Includesremote gain level control
  • Compact size fits for under the driver seat
  • Includes power, ground, remote wires.


  • Max output power :160W(80W*2)
  • Output impedance :2Ω+2Ω
  • Frequency Response : 30Hz-150Hz
  • S/N(A) : 91dB
  • Phase Switch :0°/180°
  • Max. Current Consumption : 10A
  • Sensitivity(Distortion level 1%) :RCA input 82mv/Speaker input 0.8V
  • Voltage :14.4V(10V-16V)




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