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Narva H7 12 Volt 55W Range Power 110% Halogen Bulb

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Narva H7 12 Volt 55W Range Power 110% Halogen Bulb

Narva Range Power 110, 48062 lamps, a torch with a special design was created. It provides an increase in the generated luminous flux, which positively affects the efficiency of products and travel safety. Offered lamps create 110% more light. They receive electrical energy from the car network, the voltage is 12 V. The lamps have a base with the marking H7 and base PX26d. The process of installing them is relatively simple, but in the absence of the necessary knowledge, it is better to contact specialists. The power of the bulbs is 55 watts. 


Features & Specification

  • Up to 110% more on the road
  • Up to 30-metre longer beam
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Power: 55W
  • Base: PX26d
  • Article n⁰: 480622100


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