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STANDARTPLAST Gold Line Biplast 20 Car Soundproof - 1 Sheet

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STANDARTPLAST Gold Line Biplast 20 Car Soundproof - 1 Sheet 


STP BIPLAST is used as sound-insulating, vibration-damping, heat-insulating, damping, and anti-squeak material in various vehicles.

To protect the mounting layer, anti-adhesive paper or film is used. The surface, opposite to the mounting layer, is taken as a facing surface.

The material remains elastic at the temperature range from -40°C to 100°C, resistant to temperature up to 150°C.

The material is elastic polyurethane foam, mainly, open-cell, with extended recovery time upon the compression cycle cessation.

Exploitation requirements

The materials Biplast must be installed at temperature from 15 to 25°C, and air humidity of (60-70%). In case the material is installed on a complex surface, the installation conditions are to be agreed with the supplier; if necessary, the detail can be incised.

Preparation for installation

In case the material or the details are stored or transported at temperature lower than 10°C, they must be kept at temperature (15-25) °C during minimum 24 h.


The material is to be installed on clean dry surfaces. If necessary, oiled surfaces are to be unoiled with mineral spirit, benzine or other solvents, and dried up before installation. Before installation, the anti-adhesive coating must be taken off the material with the help of a piece of adhesive tape, stuck to the short side of the detail. One side of the material is to be put on the mounting surface and pressed to it step-by-step, avoiding air blisters formation. To adhere the material properly, the material must be additionally pressed with hands or with a roller, especially on the edges. It is prohibited to strain the details while installing.


  • Doors, Roof, Plastic panels inside the passenger compartment


  • Package contains: 0,94 m2
  • Package contains: 1sheet
  • Sheet size: 375 x 500 mm
  • Thickness: 20 mm

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