STANDARTPLAST Special Line HeatShield L Hood Cover - 1 Sheet


STP HeatShield is a Hood sound insulator and Hood Cover (designed for the long-term preservation of vehicle engine heat, and for the reduction of the working engine noise. The product may be exploited in any season.

In winter season (at environment temperature lower than 0°C, the detail is installed in the underhood space and cover the engine. In summer season (at environment temperature higher than 0°C), the detail is installed in the hood on the side of the engine with the help of the included fasteners.

Exploitation and installation requirements

The detail is to be installed in the underhood space to cover the engine. Due to various types of underhood space configuration, spare elements can be left. They are to be bended or cut along the seams. The detail can be easily dismantled and reused.

Exploitation requirements                            

The detail must be exploited at an environment temperature range from -45°C to +150°C. In the underhood space, the detail is to be arranged in accordance with the season.


  • Bonnet or hood area


  • Package contains: 0,8 m2
  • Package contains: 1 sheets
  • Sheet size: 1350 x 600 mm
  • Thickness: 15 mm



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