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STP BLACK SILVER 375x265x1.8 mm Speaker Kit (2 Sheets)

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STP black silver sound deadening pads speaker kit

Our very popular and traditional STP Black silver providing high damping quality. Equipped with self-adhesive glue layer for easy fitting. Most commonly used in the doors, firewall, wheel arches and boot compartment.
Great vibration and noise damping, 1.8mm thick
Superb flexibility for use on complex surfaces

A very flexible multi-layered material with polymer layer based on butyl rubber and aluminum foil outer surface adheres to complex surfaces tightly. Comes as multi sheet pack.

Condition: New
Placement on Vehicle: Back Door, Universal, Boot, Dashboard, Bonnet, Parcel Shelf, Side panel rear, Front Door
-Noise Reduction
-Easy to Cutting
Material: Aluminum Butyl
Description the contents of the package: STP BLACK SILVER -375x265x1,8mm SPEAKER KIT 2pcs
Manufacturer: STP
Manufacturer Part Number: BLACK SILVER SPEAKER KIT (2pcs)
Featured: Adhesive

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