Audison bit Nove

Audison bit Nove


No single component can improve the performance of an aftermarket car stereo system as much as a signal processor like the Audison bit Nove from Street Smart Automotive Solutions in Flowood. Where historically, high-end audio systems used large and relatively expensive electronic crossovers and equalizers to fine-tune the performance of each speaker in the system, modern digital signal processors can perform these tasks and much more while fitting into a space about the same size as a modern amplifier. Let’s look at how the bit Nove can improve the realism of your car stereo system.


Why Your Audio System Needs a DSP

Unlike the relatively absorbent materials found in most living rooms, cars are full of glass and hard plastics that reflect sound and consequently wreak havoc with the performance of even the most expensive sound system installations. On top of these reflections, we need to address the fact that we sit much closer to the speakers on the left side of the car than to those on the right. The result is a soundstage that’s clumped against the left side of the car – if a soundstage exists at all.

A digital signal processor allows our installation team to dedicate specific amplifier channels to each speaker in the system. This “fully active” design permits us to use a processor like the bit Nove to delay the signal going to the closest speakers so that the sound from all of them arrives at the listening position simultaneously. Once we use the onboard 10-band parametric equalizer to compensate for reflections that hinder frequency response, listening to your stereo will sound as though you are at the console in one of the world’s top recording studios.


Audison bit Nove Features

Audison bit NoveThe bit Nove is equipped with six inputs that will accept as much as 20 volts from a high-power factory amplifier. The input signals can be mixed or routed to the nine output channels where crossovers, equalization, signal delay and output level can be fine-tuned by our team for amazing sonic realism. The bit Nove includes a pair of TOSLINK optical inputs for use with media sources like the bit Play HD or a MOST interface like the bit DMI.

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