About Us

Our Company

Welcome to Xcite Audio Malaysia! 
Where you can get the cheapest authentic Car Audio System!

Xcite Audio is a trading company established in 2010. We operate our business situated in Selangor, Malaysia. Our vision for Xcite Audio is to provide a wide range of branded car audio products & car accessories at the lowest possible yet competitive price, creating the ONE-STOP CAR AUDIO SOLUTION to all our customers. We provide a selection of car accessories, car speakers, amplifiers, digital sound processor (DSP) headunit, subwoofers, and many more at the LOWEST PRICE POSSIBLE we can do. We carry a variety of famous brands such as Audison, Focal, Eton, JBL, Infinity, Pioneer, Kenwood, JVC and many more.

Our Aim

Our aim is to have all of your questions answered without having to call or speak to any of our team as this is the whole premise of Xcite Audio to provide you a seamless interaction to your purchase experience. You will be able to check stock levels, the status of your order, tracking and even being able to reproduce a tax invoice should you misplace it in the future.

Our Team

Xcite Audio Team always work tirelessly testing and selecting the best quality speakers with the right price for our customers, providing a huge selection of options & honest quality review service to all our customers, as customer satisfaction is our first priority. Today might not be the day you made the purchase from us yet, our team will ensured all information is delivered to you clearly and surely to make the right decision during your next purchases, THIS WE PROMISE. With our best interests in mind, we want our customer to purchase our car audio product happily, and worth for the price. 

Great Quality At Lowest Price

Xcite Audio Malaysia we want everyone able to experience the difference of travelling whether is a short or a long journey. Changing car audio does not have to be over a premium price to make it work, we want everyone able to upgrade their car audio system with the correct budget, that is why we lowered our cost to help you get to the BEST speaker out from from it. We always tell our customers upgrading car audio is not a race, it is a journey. So begin your car audio journey with us, as we guide you through to the sound of your dreams.