Focal Utopia M

Focal Utopia M


When it comes to high-end speakers, Focal of France has raised the bar with the introduction of the new Utopia M loudspeaker system. For years, the Utopia Be speakers were considered some of the best products available in the mobile electronics industry. As new technologies debuted over the last decade, Focal started an in-depth project to recreate its flagship audio speaker solutions to offer clients improved clarity and detail. The result is the new Utopia M line.

What Makes Focal Utopia M Special?

Focal Utopia MUnlike the original Utopia Be speaker systems, all Utopia M drivers are sold in individual pairs. We can combine the TBM tweeters, 3.5M midrange and your choice of the 6WM or 8WM mid-bass drivers with the new SUB 10 WM to create a system that is perfect for your application. With a thorough understanding of modern digital signal processor-based system design, Focal no longer offers a passive crossover network with the top-of-the-line Utopia M products. We dedicate a single amplifier channel to each speaker to ensure that we can fine-tune the frequency response and arrival time of each driver in the system.

The new Utopia M line includes the following speaker solutions:

TBM – 1-inch Beryllium Dome Tweeter Set

3.5M – 3.5-inch “M”-Profile, “W”-Cone Midrange Set

6WM – 6.5-inch “M”-Profile, “W”-Cone Woofer Set

8WM – 8-inch “M”-Profile, “W”-Cone Woofer Set

SUB 10 WM – 10-inch, “M”-Profile, “W”-Cone Subwoofer

What’s Changed with Utopia M?

Focal Utopia MThe new Utopia speakers feature several unique design changes that reduce distortion and increase clarity. The 6WM and 8WM woofers use a massive 80mm diameter glass fiber voice coil that attaches to their proprietary “M”-profile “W”-cone. The “W”-cone combines multiple layers of glass fiber over a foam core that provides excellent rigidity and low mass in a speaker cone that has good damping.

The new speakers include Focal’s Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) Surround that was introduced on the ES-Series drivers a few years ago. The addition of carefully placed ridges on the surround reduces distortion at high excursion levels to improve the clarity of your music.

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