3 Reasons Why Factory Car Audio Sucks - Why You Should Replace Your Factory Speakers

3 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Factory Speakers

What's the problem with stock speakers?
Few individuals consider updating the sound system of a brand new car. Most individuals find the music to be wonderful and entertaining, but only for a short time.

Simply explained, automobile makers add factory systems solely to make the car vendable. Most of the time, the manufacturer will not put much care into the design of the speaker system. Only a few automobile manufacturers come with factory "luxury" speakers, and even these can't compete with most reasonably priced aftermarket speakers.

Unless your car is a recent model with a quality sound system, you have ample cause to replace your speakers. Maybe the music was wonderful at first, but you started to notice a difference, or maybe the factory speakers weren't that terrific to begin with. There are several reasons to upgrade your vehicle's sound system with aftermarket speakers.

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